Best 3Rd Grade Complete Curriculum in 2022 [*Top Picks*]

Looking for the best 3rd grade complete curriculum on the market? We’ve got you covered. Check out our ratings of absolute bestsellers below and make a final decision.

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  • Horizons 3rd Grade Complete Set
    Bestseller #1
    Horizons 3rd Grade Complete Set (49)
      Horizons 3nd Grade Math Looking for creative ways to make multiplication, division, and other complex math concepts more exciting? Award-winning Horizons 3rd Grade Math from Alpha Omega Publications contains fun-filled, teacher-directed activities perfect for interactive learning. Play money, flashcards, games, and other suggested manipulatives in this Alpha Omega curriculum reinforce your child's retention as new concepts are introduced and reviewed. Throughout this colorful, brightly illustrated course, mind-stretching lessons will have your child mastering more difficult mathematical concepts like equations, rounding, graphing, the metric system, map reading, and decimal equivalents, in no time at all! This best-selling homeschooling math curriculum also includes a two-part, comprehensive teacher's guide that clearly outlines 160 lessons. Specific objectives, needed materials, and suggested learning activities in this Alpha Omega curriculum save on precious teaching preparation time. Plus, you'll love the daily homeschool lesson planner, student readiness evaluation, answer keys, teaching tips, and additional worksheets that keep you focused as you give your 3rd grader a thorough education in mathematics. Sound great? It is! Teaching math to your homeschooler has never been easier or more fun! Horizons 3rd Grade Phonics and Reading Building on phonics and spelling rules, Horizons 3rd Grade Phonics & Reading increases your child's reading and writing abilities with memorization techniques, fun-filled workbook activities, and practical writing assignments. This in-depth course reinforces knowledge of consonant and vowel blends, silent letters, and syllabication, while introducing new concepts like regular and irregular comparisons, compound words, inflected endings, and foreign words. In addition to two student workbooks containing 160 engaging lessons and activities to help your child master phonetic and spelling rules, and enhance vocabulary; two brightly illustrated readers reinforce your child's reading skills with enriching stories and poems that complement daily lessons. This Christian homeschool program also contains a user-friendly teacher's guide that includes a daily lesson overview, teaching tips, answer keys, and 16 tests to evaluate your child's performance. Plus, daily lesson plans clearly outline specific goals, supplies, and activities to make learning to read easy and fun. Horizons 3rd Grade Spelling & Vocabulary Sharpen your child's spelling skills with Horizons 3rd Grade Spelling & Vocabulary from Alpha Omega Publications! Brightly illustrated lessons and hands-on learning activities focus on phonics rules for short and long vowels, plurals, diphthongs, and more. This comprehensive homeschool course studies frequently-used words, sight words, and other word lists with crossword puzzles, word searches, and creative writing projects. Plus, a handy spelling dictionary reinforces alphabetizing and vocabulary skills by using each spelling word within the context of a sentence. Horizons 3rd Grade Spelling and Vocabulary also includes a helpful, step-by-step teacher's guide that clearly defines daily lesson plans with specific goals, practical teacher tips, and suggested learning activities to make spelling easy and fun. In addition, answer keys, reproducible worksheets, and flashcards are included to save you hours of time. Horizons 3rd Grade Penmanship Set Good handwriting is needed in every area of life. Make sure your child's handwriting is something to be admired with Horizons 3rd Grade Penmanship from Alpha Omega Publications. This Bible-based penmanship curriculum uses a unique approach to reinforce manuscript and Zaner-Bloser cursive writing. Each week your child will practice writing words, sentences, and quotes about Noah, Joseph, The Tower of Babel, or Abraham and Isaac on 3/8" lines in a colorful student workbook. A weekly vocabulary word list is also taken from Scripture passages. In addition, a specially designed practice page allows your child to share his beautiful scripted writing of God's Word with homeschooling friends and family. Horizons 3rd Grade Penmanship also contains a complete teacher's guide with reproducible practice pages and daily lesson plans that include practical teaching tips, activities, and illustrations. Your child's handwriting will turn into a work of art! Horizons 3rd Grade Health Explain body systems to your third grader with the affordable, print-based Horizons 3rd Grade Health. Containing everything you need for the year, this program comes with a soft-cover teacher's guide, student book, and a consumable student workbook that explain practical, age-appropriate health topics to your homeschooler. Including a Christian viewpoint, this health course covers topics like first aid, proper eating habits and food choices, manners, etiquette, and more. The step-by-step teacher's guide includes 55 lessons, along with suggested puppet dialogues, a list of needed materials, objectives, lesson overviews, and related activities! The Horizons 3rd Grade Health full-color student book includes student readings, photos, illustrations, and questions to reinforce the lessons. The student workbook has over 30 perforated, colorful student visuals and fun activities that complement topics taught in the teacher's guide. Flexible for any homeschooler's schedule, this health curriculum is designed to be taught two to three days per week.
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